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[file] functions.magic 07-Sep-2006 21:48 14.04K  text/plain
[file] initdatabase 22-Jan-2009 19:42 5.74K  text/plain
[file] limitrate 18-Jul-2004 20:30 8.00B  text/plain
[file] magic 23-Jan-2009 19:37 12.49K  text/plain
[file] magic.md5 23-Jan-2009 19:37 33.00B  text/plain
[file] maintaindatabase 13-Feb-2004 02:23 6.70K  text/plain
[file] mock 28-Mar-2005 02:26 9.77K  text/plain
[file] motd.gentoox 22-Jan-2009 19:52 188.00B  text/plain
[file] patches 22-Jan-2009 19:52 47.21K  text/plain
[file] patches.magic 23-Jan-2009 19:37 1.95K  text/plain
[file] patches.md5 23-Jan-2009 19:37 33.00B  text/plain
[file] serverdown 29-Jun-2006 19:20 1.04K  text/plain

SlXHTTPd v1.0 Server at Port 2000

These are all the files relating to magic itself rather than the patches it installs.

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